Sergey Bolshchikov

I am a seasoned engineer and manager with over 10 years of experience.

Areas of expertise:

  • Front-end engineering & infrastructure

  • Software design and architecture

  • Team building & mentorship

  • Hiring

  • Delivering great products

  • Public speaking

I am a former software engineer and engineering manager at Wix. This great company captured my attention for 4,5 years. It was hell of a journey. 

We were building products from ground up that served millions of users every day.

Later on my focus shifted to build and scale a team that will continue building products. I'm extremely passionate to mentor each team member to help them to reach their next milestone.

I'm a seasonal speaker and having a global conference was a dream of mine for quite a while. Thus, YouGottaLoveFrontend Conference was born. World-class event devoted to front-end engineering with high-quality talks. Happening in Israel, Ukraine and Lithuania. 

I'm currently leading the R&D in amazing startup Approve.com (acquired by Tipalti on April 2021). Did I mention that we are hiring?


In case LinkedIn page is not enough, you can also download my CV.

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