August 01, 2018

Becoming a productive front-end developer from nothing in 5 weeks

Pragmatic React Workshop

June 12, 2017

Its goal is to give the necessary knowledge and understanding about React in order to write the application. The workshop consists of theoretical and practical parts. The latter includes the building of fully functional wazzap application.

Creating #microservices on the client side

April 26, 2017

Angular, React and React Native - seemingly completely different frameworks, but can they work together in harmony under one application? Consider 10 different teams working in parallel, each relying on their favorite framework. Can we combine the product of these 10 teams into one mega app?

Protractor: Tips & Tricks

October 03, 2015

Let's say, you are writing e2e for your application, and they even work. But you keep having this nagging feeling that something is wrong. Every change in HTML leads to breaking tests. They are long, hardly maintainable, etc. Sounds familiar?


In this talk we will discuss examples and best practices that are intended these problems and others. This is the result of many teams in Wix after writing and maintaining thousands of e2e tests in JavaScript.


Slides | Video

September 05, 2015

The list of carefully picked best videos about JavaScript that are must-watch for every front-end developer.

August 29, 2015

This talk answers the main 5 questions that pop up when people wanna give a technical talk: 

  • where to find events 

  • how to choose a topic 

  • how to submit a talk? 

  • how to prepare a talk? 

  • how to make an awesome delivery 

The proper planning and answering these simple questions will opens doors of many meetups and conferences for you.

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